Communications Collaborative is a staffing firm focused solely on the world of marketing, advertising and communications and specializes in freelance staffing and contingency search.

Established in 1987 as a subsidiary of Pile and Company, the Collaborative helps clients find great talent and candidates find great work. We do this through proven staffing processes, a real understanding of marketing and advertising, and a knowledgeable, personable team that gets it.

Eric is our Vice President. He is an expert at solving his clients' staffing problems and is one of the most proactive, responsive people you'll ever work with. Eric understands urgency and knows the importance of keeping the work moving. Eric also trains and competes in Mixed-Martial Arts and has seen every cheesy 80's horror movie ever made. Contact Eric

Joyce is our Director of Recruiting. From television production to creative staffing, Joyce is a "lifer" in the creative and communications industry. Her affinity for networking and helping clients and candidates has made her a top performer in marketing communications recruiting. Her other affinities include cooking and creative writing. Contact Joyce

Mary is our Senior Recruiter. With 15 years of direct industry experience, a background in project and account management, and over ten years in human resources and recruiting, Mary exemplifies "getting it." She truly understands what clients and candidates deal with day in and day out. A passionate gardener, fisherwoman and conservationist, Mary has helped save an old growth forest in her town and lobbied in Washington, D.C. for Clean Water and Air Acts. Contact Mary

David is our Business Development Manager. Charged with building Communications Collaborative’s client relationships, David works every day to meet and exceed clients’ needs and expectations. And when he’s not assisting clients, you can find him on the beach with his wife, a cockapoo and a snoodle. Contact David

Megan is our Recruiter. She landed at Communications Collaborative due to her passion for the creative and marketing industry. Tenacious, detail-oriented and incredibly responsive, Megan jumps into every placement with enthusiasm. Oh, and she jumps out of airplanes. Contact Megan

Bashar is our Assistant Controller. He is the man for all things billing, payroll and benefits. And when he isn’t supporting CC’s finance team, Bashar can be found “grillin’ and chillin’” (his words) and rooting for the Buffalo Bills—a team he is convinced will win the Super Bowl in his lifetime. Contact Bashar

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