Why the client thinks he's great:

“Jason is a terrific asset to our creative team. He is a strong designer with a great sense of type and color. When it came to learning our process, his learning curve was minimal. Jason has a great attitude and we are lucky to have him.”

–Nancy P.
Creative Director

Think "Employee of the Month" minus the framed headshot. Twelve times a year, the Collaborative acknowledges the outstanding contributions of one of our freelancers—folks who go above and beyond for us and our clients. Please join us in recognizing this month's talent.
Jason W.
Senior Designer
Why we think he's great:
“Jason is one of those designers who just gets how to make clients happy. He understands the nuances of different in-house groups and adapts to each assignment very quickly.”
Congratulations, Jason, and thank you for all of your hard work!
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