Content Editor

Metro Boston

Direct Hire

Global non profit company is looking for an E-Newsletter Editor to develop and implement the organizations e-newsletter strategy. The role of the Content Editor will be to oversee all of the editor’s work and take an inventory of what and how they are doing, looking at analytics and how the group is performing and come up with a strategy on how to reorganize/restructure. Essentially, they will develop ways to increase readership/engagement of the target audience. It will involve leading the development of an e-newsletter approach by analytics, audience insights, and business goals with the intent of informing other targeted content initiatives. The right person will have proven experience developing content marketing campaigns, and be fluent and comfortable with analytics. They will also need to have AB testing experience to identify issues and opportunities to improve and expand the reach as well as stakeholder engagement of e-newsletters. Being comfortable working in content marketing platforms is a must. You will be part of a lively team, engage in bold conversations, and have some fun.
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