Applying A Learner’s Mindset to Your Job Search

By Mary Truslow on

Continuous learning is critical for marketing and advertising jobs. We know that staying curious, evolving our skills and being lifelong learners are musts. But do these practices have a place in a job search? Can applying a learner’s mindset help you find your next role?

Yes. Here’s how:

  1. Study job descriptions. Take a close look at the skills, behaviors, and requirements of the roles you want. Do your current skills align? Do you need a refresher in some areas? Are certifications necessary? By examining what is required, you’ll be in a much better position to identify the skills you have versus those you need.
  2. Consider ALL skills. Unsurprisingly, technical and software skills will appear on certain job descriptions. However, behavioral skills are growing in importance across all disciplines. How are your presentation skills? Could you be a better listener? If you’re lacking in a certain area, identify how to improve and then address through a webinar, training, etc.
  3. Take a course. Our industry changes faster than the curriculum at a four-year college. Taking courses, particularly when you’re between jobs, not only allows you to keep pace with tools and best practices, but also fills a resume gap with time well spent. See our Professional Development Resource Guide to get started.
  4. Stay current. Be vigilant in your pursuit to learn, especially if you’re between roles. Without the structure of a “day job,” it’s easy to lose focus, fall behind on trends and insights, and even get rusty in the skills you already have. Continue to read industry news. Seek out creative inspiration and environments. Listen to a podcast. Anything that will keep you thinking and sharp.

And if you’re happily ensconced in a role, learning still applies. Check out our thoughts on A Case for Reading at Work.