Don't Let a Job Title Fool You

By Mary Truslow on

Don’t let a job title fool you. That’s my advice for folks looking for new opportunities in marketing and advertising right now. Like the rest of the industry, the vernacular around roles is always evolving. UX Designer, UX Copywriter, and Content Manager are just a few of the titles prevalent right now that didn’t exist a decade ago.

Before you dismiss a job opportunity because the title doesn’t live on your resume, review the requirements, behaviors and skillsets. Maybe UX Designer isn’t a title on your CV, but you do know Sketch, Invision, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Perhaps UX Copywriter isn’t listed in your background, but you do have experience in SEO, writing long-form content, and breakthrough storytelling.

This isn’t about misrepresenting or inflating your experience. It’s about identifying the areas across different positions where there is overlap. It’s about drilling down to what a job requires and considering (possibly applying to) a relevant opportunity even if the title may be new to you.

With many of these emerging roles, the demand is higher than the existing talent pool (with those specific titles) can match. As such, I’d recommend hiring companies take a close look at what a candidate has done/can do, how they might strengthen your culture, and the new skills and perspectives they could bring to impact your business for the better.

By reviewing and considering complementary behaviors and relevant skills, not simply the title of a job, the talent pool will open up to candidates who might not have, for example, UX on their resume, but could still be a smart and sound match.

Your next hire may not have your job opening’s exact title, but they may have exactly what you need.