Flexibility in Your New Job

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Flexibility in Your New Job — When to go with the flow & when to say no

It’s no secret that new hires are often asked to be flexible in their roles or “wear a lot of hats.” It’s also no secret that many companies have been understaffed since the pandemic.

So, if you’re in a new job, it can be difficult to discern between an opportunity to learn new skills and being asked to do too much in an understaffed environment.

When is it beneficial to say “yes” to new responsibilities?

If you’re new to an industry, taking on new responsibilities is an essential part of growth. I recently started as Recruiting Coordinator at Communications Collaborative, with a focus on recruiting, of course—a new industry for me. As I became proficient in my core tasks, my company took note of my skills and interests and identified where else I could provide value at our company.

I now partner with our business development, account management and marketing teams to plan, develop and execute various projects. This has helped me better understand our industry, my company, and the people I work with. I have closer friends and a bigger resume as a result. A win, win…win!

When (and how) should you say “no” to new tasks outside of your job description?

If you have enough on your plate already, your core responsibilities may suffer with additional tasks. Don’t be afraid to share these concerns. Talking to your manager demonstrates that you’re thinking about your primary role and stakeholders. It also shows your organizational and prioritization skills.

If it’s determined that the new tasks take precedence over existing ones, your manager should be able to help you prioritize your list and come up with an action plan.

Before you take on a new role, ask about evolving job responsibilities.

I’ve been in both positions—the unhealthy work environment and the healthy work environment. I know too well the feeling of being overwhelmed with work because I felt like I had to say yes to everything. Past experience has taught me that my role is just as important as others, and that a work relationship goes two ways.

In my role today, I’ve discovered that flexibility does work for me. And it’s only furthering me down the path of this industry and making me feel closer to my team.

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