Is Your Hiring Process Fast Enough?

By Janine Sheehan on

Time kills all deals. Not a new concept, but one that bears repeating, particularly now. After a year-long hiatus, hiring is on the rise with no indication of slowing down. It’s a candidate’s market, and if your process isn’t efficient, you’ll run the risk of losing the candidate you really want.

Here are three ways a hiring process can slow things down:  

Too many interviews. An interview process needs to be tight. Neither you nor the candidate have time, on top of your day jobs, to accommodate numerous interviews over multiple weeks (or months). If you have a host of stakeholders, consider group interviews to minimize meetings and consolidate information sharing.

Too long for feedback. If you like a candidate, let them know. Jobseekers are juggling between your opportunity and others. If they don’t hear from you, they’ll move forward with the more responsive company. And if you’re passing on a candidate, still provide timely feedback so they’re not left with a poor impression of your brand.

Too long for an offer. When the time between the final interview and the offer drags on, candidates can begin to question the job, company, and areas they previously felt good about—salary, benefits, flexibility, etc. This can lead to a candidate passing on an offer or negotiating areas that were previously agreed upon.

A good rule of thumb: No more than 3 interviews. No more than 3 days to turn around feedback. And no more than 3 weeks from start to finish. Streamline your process now to ensure you’re hiring your #1 choice. The hiring frenzy is coming.