Laid Off? 4 Things to Do to Move Forward

By Alexandra Cross on

1) Take a beat. If you’re able (e.g., you received a severance package), take some time to decompress and process before starting your job search. Tackle a few projects you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had time for. Most importantly, do what you can to let go of the layoff before you start your search, or it will show up in every interview you go on.

2) Expand and engage your network. Now is the time to have real conversations with a variety of people. Your goal should be to validate the current market, understand what is available, and confirm what you’re looking for next—in a role, compensation, flexibility, etc.

3) Utilize career resources. Register with a recruiter, meet with a life coach, hire a resume and/or LinkedIn profile editor. These are all resources available to job seekers. Pick the ones that would benefit you the most.

4) Get organized. Once you’re out and actively looking for a job, you’re out. Be sure to take the time to get it right. Your resume and portfolio should be current and relevant. Know what you want (compensation, flexibility, responsibilities) and how to articulate it.

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