Tips For Virtual Interviews

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It appears that virtual interviewing will be with us for a bit longer than initially expected. The good news is, the longer we do video, the easier it becomes. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you put your best (onscreen) foot forward when interviewing virtually.

TEST YOUR TECH. Before logging on for a virtual interview, test your video and sound. Confirm that the link is working. If possible, have a backup device on hand in case something goes wrong.

KEEP YOUR VIRTUAL IDENTITY PROFESSIONAL. Include your email and username. Your username will show on your screen.

DRESS THE PART. Treat a virtual interview like an in-person interview. We’ve found that bright/solid colors and avoiding crazy patterns help keep the focus on you.

FIND THE GOOD LIGHT. Make sure your face is well lit—not too dark, not too bright.

CREATE A BACKGROUND. You don’t need a degree in set design, but a good balance of color, structure and neatness helps. Not too stark or too cluttered. Blur your background on Zoom or create your own if need be.

PAY ATTENTION TO BODY LANGUAGE. Confidence is conveyed when sitting up straight, smiling and making eye contact.

LIMIT DISTRACTIONS. This can be a tall order, but silence your phone, close windows, and perhaps most importantly, have coverage for children and/or pets.

MAKE A CONNECTION. Be professional, be yourself, with the interviewer. When all else is equal, your personality could break the tie between you and someone else.