Trouble Hiring? Why It Makes Sense to Partner with a Recruiter

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After a flurry of contract and freelance activity over the last few years, hiring for full-time positions has come roaring back.

As a marketing and creative recruiting firm, we’re working with many first-time clients who either have too many jobs to fill and not enough bandwidth, or challenging roles that require a focused search.

Here are the top reasons clients are partnering with a firm like ours for the first time:

A robust network of creative and marketing talent. This is perhaps the most underrated benefit of working with a recruiter. We continually build, maintain, and replenish a network of marketers, designers, copywriters, web developers, strategists, and every role under the marketing and creative umbrella. This includes “passive candidates”—people in our network who may fit your job but aren’t actively looking.

A faster process with vetted candidates. Since recruiting is our full-time job, we present candidates who have been vetted by us before they even reach you. And since we are always talking to candidates, we may already know people who fit your requirements versus starting from scratch.

Industry expertise. We are a niche recruiting firm. We focus solely on marketing, advertising, and creative job functions. We’re versed in the industry’s vernacular and needs. And from our extensive experience in recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, and hiring, we can provide counsel to both you and the candidate to streamline communication and create a fair, transparent, and fruitful process.

No cost to you unless our candidate is hired. A common misconception is that a firm like ours is paid upfront. We are a contingent search firm and only paid a fee if our candidate is hired.

There’s also no cost to discuss your needs. Please message me if you’d like to have a conversation about how we might help with your current or future hires.