What the Heck? No One Applied to My Job Posting!

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If you post it, they will come. This was the mantra of the last decade when it came to finding the right talent for your organization. When took off and every company began posting jobs on their website, the assumption was that people were combing the Internet looking for jobs. And, for the most part, that was true.

Now, when I walk into a company, I hear from hiring managers that they have posted their job on all the online boards, Craigslist, and their own site, with little to no response. And they expect me to be flabbergasted. Here’s why I’m not.

I have the benefit of speaking to active job hunters all day, and what I hear is that they believe it's pointless to apply to job boards. They are sick and tired of writing cover letters and sending them off into cyberspace black holes. The top candidates have turned to in-person and online networking as their main sources for career advancement.

So, if you are a company struggling to find the right hires, what does this mean for you? How can you become a part of this new recruiting paradigm?

It comes down to two simple steps. First, create content that people want to share. Tell a story about your company and your opportunity. Don't just post a job description that looks like an instruction manual. Build your employer brand even when you’re not hiring. And second, network! Network with everyone. Active and passive candidates alike.

The time of internal databases full of candidates and job boards stacked with marquee jobs is over. What matters now is employer brand and corporate network. So, don't wait for your next job opening to start your search. Just start talking. Candidates are listening.