3 Less Obvious Reasons to Work with a Staffing Firm

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There are many reasons a hiring company decides to work with a staffing agency. Most notably, to hire the best candidate without spending copious amounts of time searching for the right person.

But, there are also lesser-known benefits of working with a recruiter. Here are three:

- Coverage for Short-Term Leaves 

It can be hard when an essential employee takes a leave of absence. Whether it’s parental or medical leave, you quickly need to find a reliable, capable person to hire for the short term.  

CC has built a network of talented candidates available to cover short-term leaves. We provide vetted marketing and advertising professionals ready to fill gaps at any level—from designer to senior-level marketer.

- Payrolling Contract Workers 

A lesser-known benefit of working with a recruiting firm like ours is that we can assist with contractor payroll, even for candidates we do not place 

We currently work with several companies to payroll their contractors. This means we manage the taxes, unemployment and benefits associated with those workers.  

- Salary/Fair Market Value 

Monitoring the job market is critical to attracting the best talent. Staying current on industry salaries, what’s most important to jobseekers, and hiring trends is the expertise we can provide. 

If you need a third-party perspective on salary benchmarks and hiring best practices, we’d be happy to share our insights from working with hundreds of hiring companies and jobseekers. 

Please reach out to me directly with questions on any of the above or if we can assist with your next marketing or creative hire.