Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

By Alexandra Cross on

Are you a recent grad? Are your parents begging you to get a job, but you don’t know where to start? Here’s some advice to help kickstart your job search and make it a success. (You’re welcome, parents!)

Use Career Services

Most university career services departments will assist with resumes, interview prep, networking and more. For free. Reach out and take full advantage of their expertise.

Don’t Wait for Fall

While you absolutely should take time this summer to enjoy being done with your studies, it’s also worth your time to prepare a resume and look for jobs. This way, come fall, you could be starting a new position (and making $!) while your peers are just starting their search.

Ask for References

Chances are you will be asked to provide references at some point during the interview process. These can be professors, previous employers, or colleagues. Make sure these references will be diligent about checking their voicemails and emails so they can return requests quickly.

Clean up Your Socials

You’ve heard this before- but it’s worth repeating. Employers do review the social media accounts of potential candidates. And, if they don’t like what they find, your chance with that company could be over before it starts. Things like partaking in controversial TikTok trends, being intoxicated or talking negatively about a former job could be a turn-off for potential employers.

You Can Do It!

Looking for a job takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land your dream job one month (or one year) after college. Even though you’re no longer in school, taking the time to learn new skills gives you an edge. Be persistent and prepared and the right job will come!