Questions You Should Ask Your Recruiting Partner

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Are you considering a new recruiting partner? Be sure you’re asking the right questions before you start working with them.

You’ll want to cover four key areas: talent, money, process, and experience.


1. How do you build your talent pool?

2. How big is your talent pool/who does it include?

3. What is your process for sourcing for specific roles? (e.g. copywriters vs. designers)

4. How do you vet candidates? (e.g. reference checks, phone screens)

5. How many candidates can I expect to see for my job order?


1. What is your fee structure - retained or contingent?

2. What is your placement fee for permanent hires?

3. Do you offer any guarantees when placing candidates? (i.e a 90-day guarantee) 

4. What is your average cost per hire?

5. How do your mark-ups and fees compare with industry standards?


1. What does your hiring timeline look like for temp and perm positions?

2. What are the steps in your process for contract and perm positions?

3. How do you tell a candidate they didn't get a job?

4. Are there new tools/processes you've adopted to improve the client/candidate experience?

5. What types of staffing services do you provide, if any? (i.e payroll)


1. Does your search firm specialize in a particular area? (i.e marketing and advertising)

2. Is your search firm national or local?

3. Can you describe your last three client relationships or assignments?

4. Which discipline is the hardest to recruit for?

5. Which industries are you strongest in? 

I’m happy to answer these questions and any others you may have. Reach out to me!