3 Reasons Hiring Companies Should Use a Recruiter Right Now

By Mary Truslow on

The hiring deluge is here. After a year of uncertainty, frozen budgets and a general “hunkering down,” we are seeing an influx of open roles. If you’re in a position to hire, here are three reasons why it makes sense to engage a recruiter now.

1) A go-to network of active and passive candidates.

While many of our clients — marketing organizations, in-house agencies, ad agencies — have opened reqs, many marketing and creative professionals are still hesitant to initiate a full job search in this climate.

A recruiter knows both active and passive candidates (talent not actively looking, but open to new roles). By tapping into a recruiter’s network of passive talent, you dramatically increase your pool of qualified, quality candidates.

2) A thorough, vetted process.

From the outset, a recruiter will pose straightforward, transparency-driven questions to potential candidates. And garner answers that may not be easy to ascertain or negotiate if you’re a hiring company recruiting a candidate directly.

What are your salary requirements? What are your non-negotiables? What would it take for you to leave your current job? The comprehensive, upfront vetting inherent in a recruiter’s process helps avoid wasting anyone’s time, miscommunication, and last-minute surprises.

3) An ability to get honest answers.

We’ve heard from a number of companies who’ve recruited, interviewed and extended offers to candidates, only to find out at the eleventh hour that the candidate isn’t interested. And in some cases, candidates are bringing offers back to their current company, negotiating counteroffers (and likely securing the increase in pay they missed out on in 2020), and deciding to stay where they are.

A recruiter will get to the bottom of a candidate’s intentions before ever submitting them to a client. It is not in the client's nor the recruiter’s best interest to put a candidate through a hiring process if they really have no interest in leaving their current position.

It’s been an unusual year. Coming out of it, hiring will take a minute to normalize. If we can help you navigate and recruit for any of your open roles, please get in touch.