50 Cups of Coffee: Making Networking a Priority

By Mary Truslow on

When people say, “Networking feels like a full-time job,” they’re right. So, how do you make time to nurture new and existing relationships with everything else on your plate?

As a recruiter, keeping up with my network and meeting new people are non-negotiables. But it’s still critical for me to create goals to ensure connecting stays at the top of my list.

This month, I’ve challenged myself to have 50 cups of coffee with 50 different people. Before you worry about my caffeine intake, it’s not really 50 cups of coffee. It’s 50 conversations. It can be meeting up in person, but most of my “coffees” have been over Zoom or quick phone calls.  

The goal isn’t to meet with 50 new people. Former coworkers, bosses, colleagues, and peers are all great options. It’s also a good excuse to ask friends for introductions to people you’d like to meet. This month, I’ve reconnected with past clients, candidates, and coworkers.

I’ve focused this month’s conversations on AI in the staffing and recruiting industry. It’s a subject I need to stay current on, and I’ve walked away with invaluable insights into the subject and had some fantastic conversations.  

I’m currently at 22 “coffees” this month and am looking forward to 28 more. No matter what industry you’re in, or what topic you want to talk about, consider your own version of the coffee challenge. It’s a great way to get networking back on your list.

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