DEI and Your Job Search

By Mary Truslow on

We know DEI is a growing priority for many organizations, but what does this mean if you’re looking for a new job? How does DEI now play a role in the hiring and interview process?

While every company’s process will be slightly different, our advice is this—be prepared to address questions on DEI, particularly during an interview. Similar to how you might discuss overcoming challenges in a prior role, a gap between jobs, or relevant skills, be ready to share your thoughts on and/or experience with DEI at work.

You may be asked broader questions about diverse teams, previous experience in an inclusive environment, or, in our industry, your views on DEI and its role in marketing and advertising.

Be thoughtful and authentic. Be honest about what you know. Admit what you don’t. Because if a company has committed to an inclusive culture, they’ll want to know from every candidate, “Are YOU inclusive?”