Be Flexible to Land Top Talent

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When it comes to high-quality candidates, the talent pool has never been so tight. Top marketers and creatives are coming out of this transition period expecting more. (And getting it).

As a result, some hiring managers we speak with aren’t quite sure where to begin. What might seem like big “asks” are now cost-of-entry:

• Employees want higher pay, and after a year with no raises, they’ll look elsewhere to get it.
• They want schedule flexibility when it comes to the hours and days that they work.
• They’re after a culture fit with enough room for growth, support and belonging.
• They want remote work, with many looking for just two in-office days a week.
• And for those who are office bound, they are asking for paid commuting costs.

If you’re an employer and looking to hire, our advice is this: be flexible. Flexibility by today’s standards means keeping an open mind to candidate requests and evolving your hiring strategy to acknowledge that the last 18 months changed the way we work.

Does this mean employers have zero ability to drive the requirements of their own req? Absolutely not. But by considering candidate requests, even when they’re not included in your original vision for the role, you expand your talent pool. You’ll attract more of the best and brightest by evaluating (vs. dismissing) new criteria.

Perhaps this approach seems out of sync with what your company needs. Some teams thrive on face-to-face communication and feel compelled to be in the office five days a week. Others have tight budgets. But if the work is piling up and strong candidates aren’t applying, we’d recommend a change.

Adopting flexibility doesn’t mean abandoning your company culture or ethos. It means challenging (and at a minimum considering) old thinking to ensure you’re attracting the best candidates and building a successful team for today’s climate. For the right hire, flexibility may be easier than you think.

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