How Jobseekers Stand Out in Today’s Job Market

By Alexandra Cross on

Standing out to hiring companies is every jobseeker’s goal. But how do you really rise to the top of the candidate pool?

Be a lifelong learner. Research and hone the skills that are in demand in your industry. Look at job descriptions and note which skills are continually coming up. (This could include technical skills or soft skills like communication and leadership.)

Invest in yourself. If you’re missing or need a refresh of key skills, there are countless online courses and certifications that can help you gain credentials. Platforms like Coursera and LinkedIn Learning provide dozens of courses, some free of charge. Check out our Resource Guide for a comprehensive list of the top online training courses.  

Stay relevant/connected. In-person: Attend conferences, and networking events to stay current on trends and connect with industry professionals. Virtually: Search for profiles on LinkedIn and enhance your network- connect with alumni, family friends, former colleagues, and professionals in your industry.

Ultimately, you want employers to see that you are committed to self-improvement, evolve with the industry, and stay connected and relevant. This is how you'll rise to the top.