We’re in a Balanced Hiring Market (So, what does this mean?)

By Mary Truslow on

After a few tumultuous years of hiring, we have entered a balanced hiring market, meaning employers and jobseekers have equal footing and leverage in the hiring process. Here are a few reasons why…

Commitment to the right fit

We’re hearing from many companies that they hired too quickly post-pandemic. And we’re hearing from jobseekers that they jumped too quickly over the last few years. Now, both sides are entering into the hiring process intentionally and committed to the right fit.

Focus on pay and specialized skills

Transparent conversations around compensation and demand for specialized skills have surged, so jobseekers are coming to the table with more negotiating power. However, inflation and economic uncertainty are still realities and provide employers with leverage, as well.

The importance of people

We know that fulfilled, valued employees drive business success, so both hiring companies and jobseekers need to prove their value. Employers must demonstrate how they reward their people and jobseekers must show why they are worth investing in.

So, what’s the best way to navigate a balanced hiring market?

Now is a great time to “say it like it is.” Both employers and jobseekers should prioritize honesty and clear expectations. From in-office/remote to compensation to skills/attributes, everyone should be transparent about what they’re looking for and what they can commit to.

It’s a competitive market right now. Communications Collaborative is constantly building and in contact with our marketing and creative talent network. We place talent in all marketing and creative disciplines, at every level, permanent and contract.

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