What to Do If You’ve Been Laid Off

By Alexandra Cross on

Layoffs are in the news. Maybe they’re happening at your company. Maybe you’ve been impacted directly.

And if you’ve been laid off, it can be incredibly difficult to give yourself time to reflect and find motivation before jumping into a job search.

If this sounds familiar, and you’re looking for what to do next, here’s some advice:

Give Yourself Time. It’s important to process and reflect. This gives you time to think about what professional experiences you enjoyed in the past, what your strengths are, and what kind of job you would like to pursue in your future search.

Inform your network. Posting on LinkedIn that you’re looking for work is a great next step. Stay professional and avoid badmouthing your previous company. Instead, highlight your experience and the types of roles you are looking for.

Get Help with Your Resume. Have several people look over your updated resume for any mistakes. There are countless online videos and articles about crafting a great resume. You can also reach out to the career services department of the university you went to for personalized guidance or register with a staffing agency (like us) that can help.

Create a New Routine. Getting laid off throws a lot of things out of balance- your daily routine being one of them. Having set hours dedicated to your job search each day can help you stay on track without burning yourself out.  

Get Recommendations. Keep the door open for communication and possible assistance from former colleagues. They’ll likely be willing and eager to help by recommending you to important people they know.

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