Having Trouble Hiring? 3 Ways to Evolve Your Process

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We’re hearing two things from HR and hiring managers right now— “Where is everyone?” and “Candidates are asking for a lot.”

If you’re feeling the impact of a tough hiring climate, here are three shifts in process and perspective you may want to consider:

Hire people (not the job description). “Hire the person” was a growing trend pre-pandemic and it’s even more valuable now. Rather than only meeting candidates who explicitly match a job spec, consider those whose skillsets and attributes complement and support your organization’s greater needs and culture.

Schedule discussions versus interviews. A great goal in the current environment is to meet good people. Shifting from traditional interviewing to conversations encourages transparent dialogue between the company and candidate, as well as a forum where both parties can understand what the other brings to the table.

Move from structure to flexibility. Don’t abandon the flexible mindset we all had to adopt over the last 24 months. Hearing a candidate’s desired schedule, how they want to be compensated and what’s important to them could mean the difference between scooping up the ideal hire and losing them to a company who met them where they are.

If your “traditional” hiring methods aren’t yielding much success, consider evolving your process to address the current climate. And if you’d like assistance finding today’s elusive talent, please message me.