5 Priorities for Hiring Companies & Jobseekers

By Alexandra Cross on

The Great Recession, the Great Upgrade, and now we’re hearing about the Great Regret. As a recruiter, I’m seeing both hiring companies and candidates having a hard time finding their footing in today’s job market. Companies are struggling to understand what candidates want, and candidates are still sorting out their must-haves from their nice-to-haves.

Here’s the good news. Recruiting and hiring processes improve when companies and candidates prioritize five basic tenets:

Transparency: Both parties should be straightforward on compensation, WFH, benefits and flexibility policies.

Respect: No one should be getting ghosted. Thank you notes should be written. Replies to thank you emails should be sent.

Flexibility: Everyone should keep an open mind. For the right person, would your company approve 2 days in office instead of 3? For the right company, would you work in the office 3 days instead of 2?

Speed: Move quickly. Time is now the most precious commodity.

Readiness: Companies, make sure your process is tight—only critical interviews. Candidates, be prepared. Research the hiring company, present a buttoned-up portfolio, and streamline your resume for the job you want.

While the market is in flux, going back to basics should help establish common ground, and ideally, create conditions where companies find the right people and candidates find the right companies.